Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery and Data Loss?

Data recovery might be needed if your computer crashes and you cannot start it at all. Data is an important aspect of your computer and if gets deleted or lost in data recovery then it can be a big loss to you. Data recovery service is used when you want to recover or recall your data from all sort of storage media after you face data loss disaster. This works when your computer crashes due to accidental deletion, windows or OS reinstallation, hard drive accidental formatting, partition loss, system booting failure and other such situation. It refers to a situation of recovering information which becomes inaccessible because of physical or logical damages of the storage device where you have saved the data.

data recovery

What is data recovery?

You can recover lost data from storage devices such as hard disk, solid state drive, laptop, USB or internal hard drive, memory cards, flash drive etc using various data recovery and computer repair services. Most of the techniques are same because different devices that store data have one thing in common i.e. they contain set of electronic equipment that can fail abruptly or become damaged or might even stop working. In any of the above situations, the data which is stored in the device might be compromised. With the help of data recovery services, you will look for the desired files in the storage area of the device chosen and helps in recovery even if the drive stops working or it cannot be accessed normally.

What is data loss?

It is important to know the data loss scenario and reason just as it is important to recover your lost data. This is because if you know the reason for data loss then you can avoid it at a later stage. Many times people do not understand the reason for data loss and it can lead to permanent data loss and unsuccessful recovery too. If you have to delete the files from its storage device then it is not necessary that the data is completely lost. You can find it in the recycle bin too and it can be easily restored from there on. Data loss includes inaccessibility of the files saved on the storage devices or you cannot locate the files on the problem device. Common reasons for this condition can be a physical or logical corruption of the drive storing data. After this condition the data or the drive becomes non-accessible.