The top 5 backup software products in 2018

More often than not we may lose our data due to multiple reasons i.e. deleting, disaster, and ransomware attacks among others. It is therefore important to have a backup I place. Storage can be done either on an external drive, a re-writable disc, another drive or on online syncing and storage service. This post aims to give you the top 5 backup software in 2018 for your PC. Have a look!


  1. Right Backup

This is designed to backup data using two options i.e. Smart and Custom backup. Smart does the backing up of music, photos and documents while Custom backup does the work of individual files. While restoring, one can use either the smart restore or restore itself. One can restore his or her data by accessing the application once downloaded or directly from the web.



This offers the most welcoming feature for home users in terms of back-up. It functions by using True Image Cloud service and True image software which create whole disc-image copies for any immediate disaster protection. While the software gives a backup option inclusive of the entire disk, the file and folder backup, the Cloud version gives online storage as a target for data backup. ACronies also does the work of mobile backup, Facebook and remote management.


  1. EaseUS Todo Backup Free

It is not an easy thing to restore data once it has been lost. For instance, backing up of whole drivers, folders, individual files or creation of a whole system is tedious. But the smart option for 2018 is here; EaseUS Todo Backup Free. This backs up files automatically in commonly used locations and offers those using it PC –PC transfer and outlook backup. In addition, it has the cloud storage option usage.


4.Comodo Backup

This backup software has distinctive features. Most importantly, it takes a backup of registry files, saves and copies many folders and files while maintaining email accounts, specific registry entries backup. It also does the backup of, partitions, browser data, IM conversations or the full disks like the system drive. Restoration of the files becomes an easy task by use of the software wizard.


5.AOMEI Backupper Standard

This is very important backup software. It offers more options of backing up files and data. It has four distinctive settings which the user can choose from. They include System Back up, Disk backup, File/folder backup and Partition Backup. In this backup you can choose to run up a backup on any option daily, weekly or monthly or it can be throughout the day. This backup keeps a clear track of your files being transferred.



These are the best backup software products in 2018.